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Spouse friendly compact sub E15 is our answer to the need for more output in a compact size. It is based on F15HP so it has more output than our standard subs, yet we have carefully reduced the size to minimise the visual impression of size without substantial

Rythmik Audio | Servo Subwoofer Products. High end servo subwoofers at affordable prices. 12 and 15 New range of subs Our range of subs has expanded and we now offer a range of subs for

配偶樂見的緊實型重低音喇叭 E15HP是我們回應那些需要精巧尺寸但要有更多輸出之用戶的需求。它是以F15HP為基礎做修改,所以比我們標準型的重低音喇叭還有更多的輸出,但我們又很仔細地縮小音箱的尺寸以減小的視覺感受,且不會大幅影響聲波。

The combination of two Rythmik subs with an X4 likely achieves great bass for any serious audio system. Best wishes, Toni top Reviewer: Joe J. Product: E15 I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I received my E15hp 2 days ago

Fig 1.0 – E15HP Frequency response chart – LINE-IN 14hz high damping The frequency response with LFE input is shown in Figure 1.1. Fig 1.1 – E15HP Frequency response chart – LFE-IN 14hz high damping Looking at the frequency response you will

The sub comes with standard screw-in rubber feet. Chrome spike feet are sold separately. Black cones are made of anodized aluminum. Silver cones are made of non-anodized aluminum in order to retain the shine. Price includes

Rythmik Audio | 12 servo subwoofer F12 12吋 sub (入門款)• L12 – 密閉式 12吋 sub (入門款)• LV12F – 開孔式 12吋 sub • F12 -密閉式 12吋 sub • F12SE – 密閉式簽名版(鋼烤)

10/4/2016 · So, I started this thread really for a friend of my. I personally own Rythmik F12 and I love that thing. My friend actually loved it as well (at my house)

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25/1/2011 · Powerful, rich, deep and solid with true 20Hz extension is how I would describe the bass output of the Rythmik FV15HP sub. It’s a well engineered product that will serve any


27/3/2019 · 小弟不在乎新舊,預算4萬rythmik e15hp 新跟velodyne 12dd 二手價格差不多的話,小弟該選哪個?velodyne 12dd多了自動設定功能對小弟這種白痴設定比較簡單rythmik e15hp是達到15吋所以好難選(發燒音響 第1頁)

Jim Wilson, speaker and subwoofer reviewer at hometheatershack.com actually auditioned both the SVS SB 13 Ultra and the Rythmik E15HP (which is a smaller, lower powered version of the F15HP you’re considering) for his own personal listening room. He chose

19/7/2015 · I bought a pair of Rythmik E15HP’s because Rythmik’s sealed offerings are always mentioned in requests for tight/articulate/highly transient subwoofers; and, (more relevant to getting me over my paralysis) Jmans comparison of the E15HP to the SVS SB13Ultra

9/9/2017 · Sooty Mack needs to be the usual usual format. can you correct it or the listing will be locked. Item: Rythmik E15HP Subwoofer Location: St Kilda, VIC Price: 1200 Item Condition: Great, a couple of small nicks. Inspections welcome. Reason for selling: Upgrading to huge speakers.

7/5/2013 · This proves very littlebeing that the Rythmik FV15HP has 8db more output @ 12.5hz and hangs with the PB13U everwhere else on the low end(16-40hz), also has more output in the mid bass region, it would be a safe bet that the F/E15HP and SB13U would be

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30/10/2012 · I got a little tired of my old sub, had a stroke an ordered the Rythmik, i was i doubt how much a difference this sub would do, the Aperion Verus Grand front

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12/1/2016 · You already have fantastic speakers from Ascend which sells Rythmik subs. Why not stick with them and just snag the E15HP? Since music takes up a large portion of your listening habits that’s the route I would pursue. Whatever you end up getting I can’t

Finding Rythmik I was hesitant to throw down a little over $1200 without ever getting a chance to listen to the sub but I decided to take my chances. Why? Well, I researched for hours and hours (I would say around 100 or so) reading thread after thread on

17/9/2015 · The Rythmik E15HP is the best I have seen – fast decay and comparatively consistent across the frequencies: S shadyJ Speaker of the House Sep 16, 2015 #24 Ratings 5,274 35 17 Sep 16, 2015 #24 Again, I don’t think your interpretation of that data is

1/4/2014 · I’ve put the SB13U through it’s paces and I’m about half way done with the E15HP, so by the end of the month I’ll know which one I’m keeping. I should

20/10/2012 · My canon 7D does not record this type of audio too good, excuse it. This video was playing a 5hz-100hz-5hz sin wave. Look at all the silly grins..

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19/11/2018 · The subject of this review is the Rythmik G25HP, a new model from this venerable subwoofer company. The G25HP is Rythmik’s first dual-opposed design so this is a milestone of sorts for them. Utilizing a pair of the company’s best 15″ drivers, and sporting an 1800 watt amplifier, this

29/11/2016 · A little down from the top of that page is a review by Jim Wilson he compares the Rythmik e15hp to the SVS sb13 Ultra. Here are a couple of comments that stood out to me: Comment when listening to music: 「In contrast to the SB13U the E15HP almost

5/4/2016 · Another 4x Rythmik setup, is not abv loud/SPL but defination , detail ,layer, even thru out all seating and the most mis-understand issue > You need not to play Loud to get all

5/3/2017 · 但是當時買rythmik E15HP重低音的時候, 台灣代理商丁先生說沒有附加調整的服務 所以我就只有靠環繞擴大機的自動音場功能跑一跑就好了 後來有機會認識了代理秦朝的瑪斯音響小許

22/12/2015 · Rythmik超低音剛到貨,目前有 FV15HP-600W F15HP-600W E15HP-600W F15-370W F12-370W 請洽迪克斯工作室 貓窩工坊 貓窩的blog 貓窩的Facebook drunkenlife 文章: 16843 註冊時間: 2012-08-28, 01:47 回頂端 Re: Rythmik超低音 由 drunkenlife

25/7/2013 · Rythmik sealed servo-controlled subwoofers are the best subwoofers you can get for music, including well above their price point. Legacy claims an 18 Hz -2 dB low frequency extension for the Focus SE and have a sensitivity of 95.4 dB. The Rythmik E15HP

關於Rythmik 直藕伺服600W密閉式重低音喇叭年終特賣 E15HP (含稅),只剩一台。× Rythmik 直藕伺服600W密閉式重低音喇叭年終特賣 E15HP(含稅),只剩一台。加入追蹤 支援付款快手 商品編號 : 21901478121185

19/9/2019 · July 2009 World Premiere! Rythmik Audio F12SE Subwoofer These guys are indeed on to something. Review By Clarke Robinson Click here to e-mail reviewer I have all the bass I need in my system. The speakers I’ve owned since first reviewing them nearly two

Mass Where it Counts Rather than standard 3/4″ walls, our standard build for Rythmik 15″ subwoofers features 1 1/2″ thick walls and substantial bracing to further minimize cabinet resonance. Finesse and Musicality Non-resonant cabinet coupled with exclusive

5/3/2012 · sonic difference between E15 and F15HP? That said, are there any Sierra-1 or Sierra Tower owners in Maui, Quick Navigation Rythmik Subwoofers Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who’s Online Search Forums Forums Home

25/6/2014 · E15HP(寬度比F15HP 小一點,但輸出功率一樣) 開孔式: LV12F FV15HP 目前有現貨的只剩F12。 貓窩工坊 於是建議Rythmik 改成滑動開關,回覆如下: 滑動開關的品質是不及搖頭開關的。而且PCB設計不容許我們用滑動開關

24/12/2015 · Dual L22’s or F12’s for music-priority Tower-based system? Following up from the tower thread With respect to musical performance, I spoke with Enrico at Rythmik. He suggested the L22’s due to higher output, and because the F12’s PEQ is superfluous

18/8/2014 · Well after a lot of contemplation and ending up at a point where I was left with options for PSA and Rythmik subs a nudge towards Arnie Nudell has left me waiting on payment confirmation being promised by Enricio from Brain @ Rythmik before I order an FV15HP. So if you want I

30/10/2017 · Will you comment on the power draw—E15HP vs. E15HP2—when no sound is playing? Also, the new model in piano gloss is back ordered.

歡迎前來淘寶網實力旺鋪,選購Rythmik雷鳴E15HP/F15HP F25HP低音炮雙15寸音響全新行貨,該商品由山城影音重慶總店店鋪提供,有問題可以直接諮詢商家

Featuring Rythmik Audio Direct Servo Subwoofers We are most pleased to represent this exclusive new line of true audiophile quality subwoofers. Each of these subwoofers features advanced patented technology designed specifically to deliver the most accurate

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20/7/2015 · Page 6- The Official Rythmik Audio Subwoofer Owners Thread Subwoofers Hey all, thought I’d bump this because I’m in the market for a Rythmik and have narrowed it to either the sealed F12 or the sealed F15 for a half music-half movie setup.

For audiophiles and enthusiasts looking for uncompromising accuracy and exceptionally high output levels, the F15HP subwoofer is the ultimate choice. It features Direct Servo to ensure accurate frequency and transient response, precise detail and extremely low

28/12/2012 · Rythmik Subwoofers Noob Question: Ryhtmik F12 or F12G or F15 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages