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19/1/2019 · Hell comes to Tell City and Shawnee Indiana. SCP-953 is on the loose. Requested by Jonathan Morris. Special thanks to Reise’s Weather, EAS and Aviation Facto

作者: Undead EAS Productions

SCP-953 in one of its humanoid guises. Note the distortion in the photograph caused by the subject’s polymorphism, and the appearance of bright green [DATA EXPUNGED]. This is an artifact of SCP-953’s polymorphic properties (see [REDACTED] for more details).

SCP-048: Rating: 705

9/6/2014 · This file was a interview between Research Assistant [Redacted] and MTF Agent [Redacted] who encountered SCP-953 in the woods outside the town of [Redcated] on [Redacted]. He is the lone survivor of two other agents being with him to try and capture SCP-953. Interview File:

作者: TheHauntedReader

30/1/2018 · Item #: SCP-2000 Object Class: Thaumiel Laconic Containment Procedures: Few people are permitted to know it exists, and among those allowed, even fewer can explore it fully. Personnel cannot leave its vicinity at will, and need to have their memories erased if


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Explained SCP Anomalous アイテム記録 超常現象記録 未解明領域記録 財団Tales カノンハブ GoIフォーマット SCP-953-JPは周囲半径約12m以内に存在する、またはSCP-953-JPを起点として形成された行列を目視した人物に対し、「自身の目的のためにSCP-953-JP

14/8/2018 · Item #: SCP-2521 Object Class: Keter Laconic Containment Procedures: Do not write or speak about SCP-2521. Communicate about SCP-2521 via pictograms. Only Level 4 and above personnel may know about SCP-2521. Laconic Description: A humanoid being


SCP 財団 URL 日本語版: 使用言語 英語 [注釈 1] スローガン Explained 現時点で主流の科学によって説明できるほどに解明されたものや、虚偽やミスだと判明したもの、収容不可能なほど公に流布されたものなどに割り振られる

営利性: 非営利

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Harak, son of the Third Brood, later known more famously as the Scarlet King, is an ancient, demonic god who is untold amounts of eons old. He is often considered as the Big Bad of the SCP mythos, and he appears in countless articles and tales across the site

각종 변칙적인 괴물이나 물건들을 확보 및 격리하는 가상의 비밀 조직 「SCP 재단」이라는 가상의 기관을 주제로 하는 각각 2008년과 2010년에 만들어진 SCP-953과 SCP-800이 그 예. SCP – Containment Breach라는 이름의 1인칭 어드벤처 게임이 있다.

SCP-2845, also known as The Deer or Deer from Saturn, is a Keter-classed deer-like figured creature contained by the SCP Foundation. SCP-2845 appears to measure 2.9 meters in height, while it weighs over 815 kilograms. SCP-2845 appears to have a sinuous

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The SCP Foundation[note 3] is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative-fiction project of the same name. Within the website’s fictional setting, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to

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Old version of the gamemode Beta version of the gamemode Discord server [] Convars and commands: Read before playing! Breach is a gamemode based on SCP-Containment Breach. It’s multiplayer, you need 2 players to start the round. If you are new

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SCPオブジェクトは一部例外を除いては基本的に恐ろしい・怖い・とんでもねー何かばかりだが、このオブジェクトは違う。 違うと言っても怖くないとかそういうことではない。Keterクラスのように収容が出来ないとかいうレベルでもない。

SCPオブジェクトは一部例外を除いては基本的に恐ろしい・怖い・とんでもねー何かばかりだが、このオブジェクトは違う。 違うと言っても怖くないとかそういうことではない。Keterクラスのように収容が出来ないとかいうレベルでもない。

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I’ve read it as the 『satanic cultists』 actually being the exact opposite – people who were aware of the nature of 231 and didn’t want her giving birth. The SCP foundation came in, and seeing the horrific things that the 『satanic』 cult were doing, assumed that they were

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SCP番号 953 効果 このオブジェクトが収容違反した時に発現する。相手のサンドボックスを1つ選び、その保護力を1に改変する Safe / Euclid / Keter / Thaumiel / Neutralized / Unclassed/ Anomalous (1 コメ) / Explained (1

SCP-682 appears physically as it and the player both reach Gate B. SCP-682 is seen throwing a limb up into the air and destroying an attack helicopter along with presumably several APCs (a large vehicle can be heard rolling up before 682 begins its rampage) and

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A page for describing Pantheon: Flesh Eaters. This sub-house is considered one of the more grotesque in the pantheon outside the House of Slaughter, given

Explained Decommissioned 机密分级:不属于上述等级的项目分级会被归类为“机密分级”,这通常代表该项目/项目文档本身具有特殊性质(如该项目本身能影响其项目文档(meta)、该项目文档并非标准的SCP格式、该项目文档具有多个分级等),例如

해명됨(Explained): 대상의 특성이 일상적인 과학 수준으로 이해되거나, 놀랍게도 SCP-953의 원 저작자인 위키 회원 클레프가 이 소설을 SCP-953의 공식 설정으로 채용할 의지가 있다고 밝힌 바 있다. 4등급 관리이사관

Document 88-9-R: Infection Progression Initial stage infection begins at point of contact in 96% of all cases. Physical contact with SCP-673 will cause subjects to develop a small rash at the point of contact, which will fade within two hours. Subject will start to

해명 (Explained) 해명된 SCP는 그 효과가 주류 과학에 의해 설명가능해질 정도로 완전하고 총체적인 이해가 이루어졌거나, 현상이 틀렸던 것으로 드러나거나, 변칙적이지 않은데 실수로 변칙성으로 간주되었던 것들 대한 항목이다. 본 사이트에 등록된 해명

1/10/2019 · The SCP Foundation specializes in securing and containing the worst abominations and monstrosities known and unknown to man in order to protect the world

已解明(Explained)已解明SCP通常为关于已经完全充分被理解并能以主流科学所解释,或是被揭穿/ SCP-953(阿狸) SCP-963(不朽) SCP-978(欲望相机) SCP-993(小丑巴伯) SCP-999(痒痒怪) SCP-1000(大脚怪) SCP-1230(英雄的诞生) SCP-1532(Dr. Gale的

SCP Apollyon and Thaumiel Classes Explained We are all familiar by now with the main three SCP classifications. These are: Safe, Euclid and Keter and they show how easy it is to contain a certain SCP/ However, during your many ventures on the Site, you may

It had a conversations with SCP-035, 457, 953, also including 106. All the SCP’s except 4000 were re-contained. SCP-4000’s location is currently unknown but it seems that it has joined The Serpent’s Hand, during various breaches. The agents of The Serpent’s

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SCP Containment Breach: Nightmares Unleashed Chapter Six: The Book of Prophecies Jessica sighed as she stared at the door, the dull throb in her leg reminding her that she still could not walk. Her radio alerted Jessica to the arrival of Mobile Task Force Epsilon

SCP-105は、本名、アイリス・トンプソンというヨーロッパ系の女性で、記録の時点での身長は1.54m、体重は50kgである。 模範的な行動を取り、財団に協力的だったこともあり、財団職員